Pioneering Seattle Pub Culture

BACK IN 1991, amid the rise of the first Internet start-ups, the smell of the first coffee roasters, and the pounding sound of the Grunge scene: Seattle pub culture was first born on a once-quiet corner of Greenwood. It started with owner Jeff Eagan’s vision of transporting the English style pub to Seattle and introduce locals to the region’s growing supply of fresh, craft brews. That vision grew to include offering a menu of gourmet food from Chef Jeff Reich at reasonable prices. Since those days, Seattle-style Ale House Cuisine has been synonymous with the 74th StreetHilltop, and Columbia City Ale Houses.

BRING US TO 2019.  After owning all three Alehouses for 28 years and welcoming the addition to the famlily of his grandson Dominic Hemingway Eagan, Jeff  decided to  semi-retire.  He sold the 74th. St. Ale House to his General Managers, Kathy Christopher (26 years as Executive Chef with 74th.) and Morgan McDowell ( 18 years as General Manager with the 74th).  It is a perfect union and the tradition will carry on.

The Hilltop Alehouse was also sold to an accomplished chef and regular patron, Kael Lewis, who wants to maintain the staff, food and craft beer philosophy.

Jeff Eagan will remain owner / operator of the Columbia City Ale House.  With his two son’s Brendan ( 5 years handling Bar Management) and Bryce  ( 3 years  handling Social Media) and Kelly De La Barreda ( 15 years as Kitchen Manager) Jeff is confident of continuing the consistency customers have grown to expect.

With new ownership, Seattle neighborhoods are assured of comfortable gathering spots where people come together as a community to interact. We work hard to nurture guests with good food, good company, fresh ales and great service. If you live nearby, please consider one of our ale houses as your neighborhood “local’.

Quality, Consistency, Cleanliness & Service